We intend to be the smallest company with global impact

We intend to be the smallest possible company with a global impact. We realise that there are many companies worldwide that share our goals and values and are willing to work with us: why then create massive companies if we can work with others, mutually benefiting from each other's core competences and accelerating and enhancing the impact we seek? We prefer to create that bigger pie together and then each take a larger slice, rather than keeping the pie to ourselves. Sustainability, after all, is created in partnership, not solitude.

Tendris relies on the expertise, passion and commitment of many individuals and organisations as we shape and build businesses for a better world. These partners work with us from a shared vision for a sustainable future. We are constantly on the look-out for new partners that meet one or more of the following criteria.

  • Fuel the Tendris vision with idea generation and hypothesis validation.
  • Enable us to test and foster new technologies.
  • Keep us abreast of rapidly evolving sustainable science.
  • Contribute to all stages of product development, from R&D to sales and distribution.
  • Help us develop market strategies.
  • Assist in transferring technology at critical stages
  • Act as Tendris brand ambassadors.

Tendris' partners are both local and global, a community of accomplished professionals from academia, business and beyond. Whether in the Netherlands, India, the U.S. or elsewhere, Tendris seeks out innovative, sustainable businesses - we find them, and they find us. We believe that any country that is impacted by Tendris' innovations should reap the associated business benefits. Thus, our partnerships regularly include key business leaders, governments and NGO’s from the countries Tendris serves. Our quest for partnerships is organic - alive and growing. Our partners are stimulated by the Tendris philosophy and provide fresh ideas, innovation and analytical thinking to the mix, feeding the Tendris dream and helping to make it reality.

Contact us if you see possibilities for such a partnership!